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New Sermon Series Through Easter

On Sunday, March 5 we will conclude our months long walk through our Lord’s Upper Room Discourse, including His High Priestly Prayer.  It has been so rich to hear His heart as He prepared His disciples for His departure by way of the cross.  I pray this series has been helpful to you as your continue to “abide” in Jesus (John 15).

As we approach Easter, I sense that the Lord would have us remain in the Gospel of John for the remaining chapters.  With our minds so full of what was on Jesus’ mind in the hours before His arrest, it seems like the perfect time to walk with Him to the cross and out of the empty tomb over the next several weeks! Please be in prayer as I study and prepare these messages, with the goal of keeping our eyes on our Savior and His great love.

Here are the anticipated sermons coming up through Easter:

  • In the Upper Room with Jesus: Unity  John 17:20-26
  • In the Garden with Jesus  John 18:1-24
  • In the Courtroom with Jesus  John 18:25-40
  • In the Hands of Sinners  John 19:1-15
  • On the Cross  John 19:16-42
  • Rising from the Dead  John 20:1-29

I look forward to delighting in Him with you as we study His Word!   Be sure to invite a friend to join you for worship!